3 tips for a successful B2B lead generation strategy

Just like other sectors, B2B marketing is today in the midst of a digital revolution. It is now a thing of the past, the time when it was thought that only B2C could take advantage of the benefits of Google and social networks. By implementing a simple, yet properly executed strategy, it is already possible to reap the benefits with limited means. Discover in our last article some tips on how to get as many leads as possible.

“Content is king”

Content marketing or content strategy is essential to your overall marketing strategy. Pourquoi ? First of all, because content is one of the 3 pillars of SEO and it is therefore essential to produce content to improve your organic SEO.

Besides that, it also plays a dominant role when it comes to B2B marketing. Indeed, often faced with products that are complex to use, it is important to educate your future customers right from the start. A prospect who finds your product too difficult to use or simply does not understand its use will be less inclined to go all the way to the buying stage.

The quality of this content also plays a key role in lead acquisition. In general, the higher the quality of your content, the more it will be shared, liked and therefore distributed. If this content is attractive and value-added, you will have no problem collecting data from interested parties in exchange.

Social networks at your service

Once you have formatted your research and content creation, do not leave it in a folder on your computer or at the bottom of a cupboard. On the contrary, it should be distributed as widely as possible to maximize your chances of reaching your targets. Social networks are an excellent way to achieve this goal. Because if content is king, distribution is queen.

  • Facebook

Here’s a number that speaks for itself-même ; Facebook has over 2 billion active users. It is therefore irrelevant today to think that only individuals are present on the platform. The majority of companies have a Facebook page and often all employees have an active profile.

A network advertising campaign can be an excellent way to reach these people in a very targeted way (we will come back to this later), but more importantly, to reach them at a time other than when they are working. A priori, at the office, you are concentrated on your tasks and not necessarily permeable to everything that can be told or proposed. On the other hand, when you get home, it is very likely that you will be interested in the publication that you have not seen or have not had time to look at during the day.

  • LinkedIn

Unlike Facebook, the number one professional social network in the world, is often a place where you can land while working. Advertising digitally on both channels at the same time increases the chances of converting your prospects.

Several formats exist to achieve this

  • The simple image format or carousel format (brand new on the platform). The idea is to offer one or more images to a well defined target.
  • Video is a must for the last 2 years. It is often used to detail a complex product or process.
  • Remarketing is based on the 3 formats below with the only difference being that it is only shown to people who came to your website previously or visited a specific page. It is also possible to upload your own database.
  • It is therefore very important to correctly parameterize your campaigns to achieve your objectives, but also to adopt a multi-channel strategy.

Targeting, your trump card

As we have just seen, social networks are excellent tools to take into account in your B2B digital strategy. But they still need to be utilisés ! Once your content has been put in the form of advertising and is ready to be distributed, it remains to define to whom the diffuser ?

Either way, the two platforms mentioned above offer fairly advanced targeting possibilities. Let’s look at some of them that are of interest in this case.

  • Targeting by function
  • Targeting by company name
  • Targeting by degree type
  • Geographic/Demographic Targeting

These 4 target groups are only a small range of possibilities, but combined together, they already offer good prospects.